Are prices rising all around you meaning the money in your pocket is becoming smaller?

Inflation and economic hardships are hurting families around the world Bitcoin has become a refuge from this for many.

So, if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place looking for something new but afraid at the idea of losing your money in a bad investment then you need to hear what I have to say.

My name is Emmanuel Daodu, a Philanthropist, Author and Cryptocurrency Expert, I’m here to guide you on a journey to Bitcoin investment success.

I have put together a video format course in three (3) modules after several years of research and deep insight of factors influencing Bitcoin in order to help you become an abundant cryptocurrency investor in just few hours of tutorship for a small amount.


Think Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Naira, Dalasi Is The Only Money

Suffering From Inflation & Bad Governance


Planning Future Increasing Purchasing Power Over Time

Free From Pressures of Traditional System

Bitcoin Is the future of money and I have used it to change my life and impact the lives of many people around the world. That Is because my approach to Bitcoin does not involve trading or complex investment techniques. It involves increasing your understanding to help you truly gain knowledge of how Bitcoin works and how it is superior to the system we are currently using. Purchasing this course allows you to understand how you can use Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency to insulate you from the economic hardships surrounding the world and lets you be a part of the exciting financial revolution happening right now.


I have been able to change my lifestyle dramatically using Bitcoin and my strategy but what truly drove me to Bitcoin is responsibility. I met the woman of my dreams we were having a baby and the reality of what it will take to support them came at me fast. I knew that something would have to change, The pandemic hit and the little savings I had were lost and I was unable to work, with a baby on the way the idea of not being able to provide for them was a scary one. I started to research ways to invest money. I was very lucky to have meetings with veteran investors in the bitcoin space who helped me understand the difference between bitcoin and other cryptos they shared knowledge with me that guided me on a journey that coupled with the hundreds of hours I’ve spent researching made me sure that this was not just an investment it Is a revolution in finance.

I invested and the rest is history I now have a beautiful daughter and wife and can thank bitcoin for giving us the freedom to live a life without limits. I quickly got my wife into bitcoin next my brother and would tell everyone who would listen about this great opportunity. I realised that people did not know enough about bitcoin in order to see how it could change their life. I knew that I had to build something to help convey the intrinsic value of bitcoin to my people. Many of us have been devalued on an generational scale. Our land, our labour and our time all not given the value it deserves due to factors out of our control Bitcoin recaptures that value and we are still so early. I resolved that I had to help my people not just understand but Over-stand money global finance and how bitcoin changes the game. So I created Bitcoin 101 and The Abundant Investor Thesis.

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